Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does this only happen to me?

From!! AGAIN!! But this time, 3 of his videos.... that i would like.. haha

I miss ALTNOY. ;'(

New Vlog: Band Auditions

Letting you guys know about the band auditions and meetings that have been going on aside from the NASCAR and blimp rides while in LA haha. Been keeping busy with that but really looking forward to how it's going to come about. Can't wait to get everything set up and to start performing again! Also came up with a little idea on the piano during the blog but I guess I'm a little too self-conscious in front of people and can't multi task when it comes to writing and blogs... both things I am self-conscious about lol. Apologize if this blog doesn't make a lot of sense but hope you enjoy it still.

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WHEEE!! I'm excited. :) 8 minutes of happiness. Thank you David
O_o Is that a vacuum going off? or is it just my speakers? lolol

You're The Vocie Try And Understand It....

Top 10 week...

At about this time three years ago we were psyched 'cause David made the top 10
and would all get to see him on tour and possibly even MEET him!

Three years and multiple meet & greets later: Here we are! :]


FTP now has multiple!

David the Idol Junkie...

Still don't know who his favorite is....typical David :P

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Foster The People...

Not gunna lie...I have no idea who they are. LOL

You can check them out here!

Meetings & Band Auditions!

Exciting week= good things to come?! Let's hope! ♥

I like his little :) at the end.


♫ Happpy birthday to youu!! happy birthday to you!! happy birthday dear Melissa.... happpppy birthdayyy to youu!!!!! ♫ *nonviolent explosions in the air*

Best I can find this early morning!! ^_^

Tweet our wonderful blogger Melissa a happy birthday!! :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

David on! :D

David was posted on along with Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Ivanka Trump,Chad OchoCinco(JOHNSON!!!! AHH! sorry. lol He should change his name back), Ian James Poulter, Hal Spark, and Crystal Bowersox.

On what you ask?


Nuf said.
David is picture #2. He must realllllllly like that number. baahaaha. :DDD
Please enjoy the famous picture below and click here to view it on!

Say "Ahh!" The singer posted this shot while getting his wisdom teeth removed. "Hopefully I'll recover soon enough," he said in a video blog.

Weekly Wrap Up...

Do tell about the busy past week David...ramble away!

Are you THISS fanatic?

Someone is selling Murray High's 2007 yearbook which includes David on ebay!!! Are you crazy enough to buy it? Thanks @Mhae92 for the heads up! :D

Click on the picture or buy it HERE! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jeff Gluck tweets about David!

I totally saw that coming..

Did you miss it?

Credit: yanweiz

David sings the National Anthem on ESPN's Auto Club Speeday's Royal Purple 300! I made my dad watch it. :P I wish those jets didn't ruin David's "HOMEEEE... OF THE...BRAAAVVE" :( oh well, we see David's face on tv and that's all that matters.

Good Race!

Looks like David had a bunch of fun! :D


At the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana right now! Wanted to let you guys see the track while the racers get ready for the Royal Purple 300 as well as the Sprint Cup tomorrow. Had such an AMAZING time riding the Goodyear Blimp! Thanks so much to Goodyear for the experience.

David Archuleta NASCAR racing Royal Purple 300 Goodyear Blimp Auto Club Speedway Fontana California National Anthem

Pictures of David 'in the house'

Credit to: Sprint Vision

Credit to: Jeff Gluck

Reminder for today!

David sings the National Anthem at the NASCAR Royal Purple 300 todayyyyy!!!! On ESPN (channel 206 if you have directv satellite) at 2:30 p.m. PST, 5:30 p.m. EST! :) Don't y'all forget to set your dvr's or tune in! :D Attend on facebook!

A little stroll and food

I should take a nice little stroll in the morning some time too!

wah! how did you make the ñ on text? tehehe

Friday, March 25, 2011


We created an event on facebook! Attend here if you're going to watch or actually be there! :)

Facebook confirmation!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Andddd...there's our confirmation!

Thanks David!! :]

Royal Purple 300 NNS Race

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif. (March 24, 2011) – Auto Club Speedway announced today that American Idol Season 7 finalist David Archuleta will perform the National Anthem prior to the start of the Royal Purple 300 NNS race at Auto Club Speedway on Saturday, March 26.

Archuleta’s rendition of the National Anthem and the Royal Purple 300 will broadcast live on ESPN at 2:30 p.m. PT.

Following American Idol, Archuleta released “Crush,” the first single from his self-titled debut album, which charted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of its 2008 release and has since sold over two million downloads. In 2009, Archuleta released “Christmas from the Heart” which debuted at No.2 on the seasonal chart behind Bob Dylan. His highly anticipated sophomore album “The Other Side of Down” was released in October 2010.

To see David Archuleta live at Auto Club Speedway, tickets to the Royal Purple 300 NNS race on Saturday, March 26 start as low as $30 and AAA members receive Show Your Card & Save discounts. For more information or to purchase tickets call 800-944-RACE (7223), log on to or visit the Auto Club Speedway ticket office.

Tickets start at $30 and you can get them by calling 800-944-RACE, going to or the Auto Club Speedway ticket office!

YAYYY!!! It'll be live on ESPN Saturday (3/26) at 2:30 PM PST!
So hopefully they'll air the national anthem! *Fingers crossed*

Do It Now.

Meetings are fun!
You should do it now David!! I'm bored!! :P
Fine. You could do it in a day or 2, but PLEASE make it 9 minutes.
We like seeing your face.. xP

Insane Burgers!

Wonder which "Insane" burgers he had :]

Slater's 50/50 is in Anaheim!
& You check out Slater's 50/50 Menu here!

David Archuleta: Spirit of America Blimp Ride!
David Archuleta “holds” up the Goodyear Blimp just before a ride on the Spirit of America late last week in California.

When Goodyear heard of the 20-year-old musician’s wish to get a ride on the blimp, they made it happen! The official Facebook posted, “Pilot-in-Charge Jon Conrad flew them along the scenic route up the California Coast along the Palos Verdes peninsula, and for over an hour he was rewarded with a private performance from David and his friends as they sang a medley of hit songs a cappella. A highlight of the once-in-a-lifetime flight for David was watching a pod of dolphins playing and chasing the SOA’s shadow on the water as it passed overhead.”

David tweeted, “Just got to do one of the coolest things I’ve always wanted to do!! Got to go on a blimp ride!!”

Just a quick summary if you didn't know! :D I can't help but laugh when I see that picture.. ahhh...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The long and winding roadddd...

Hard to believe this was 3 years ago...
But a lovely performance none the less. ♥

Speaking of The Long & Winding Road...
Vote for David's performance of it on THIS Zap2it poll!

American Idol...One year ago..

This happened.... (6:24)

Ryan, You stillll didn't apologize to David.. XD ahahaah I loved this day because we all got upset.. but at the same time.. David got mentioned on live television so what the hey. ^_^

The Archudictionary

Archudictionary - A dictionary with words that always start with Archu- or Arch.

Archuleta - *Insert you definition here* ....according to Melissa, it means Wild place where Oaks grow

Archuland - The land of David Archuleta fans

Archuworld - The world of David Archuleta (to the fans)

Arch Angels - David fans!

Archies - Daviddd fans!

Archudream - Dreams about the Archuleta

Archucook - David fans who like David Cook as well

Archuduties - Things that we, fans need/can do to help support David

Archulicious - Can't you figure it out?

Archudrought - When we have no David news whatsoever

Archurandom - The random Archuleta

Archufabulous - Something David did that was fabulous

Archudorky - Dorky David!

Archumoves - David's AMAZING dance moves.

Archuword - I word that starts with Archu-

Archufamily - Groups of David fans becoming friends/family! BECAUSE OF DAVID!!!!

Archuarmy - No one can beat us when we're together

Archutweets - @davidarchie's tweets

Archufood - Food that David tweets about or likes. most likely thai food

Archumusic - the music David likes or his music

Archudays - The days when Archuworld was epic

Archuquotes - The words of wisdom in David's tweets

Archujokes - David jokes from fans on twitter. check out @archujokes on twitter! they're hilarious

ArchuDesigns - Fans who designed David backgrounds on twitter!! Check out @ArchuDesigns!

Archutimes - The fun times we had as fans

Archuwhat - when you're confuzzled in Archuworld

Archumazing - The amazing word for the amazing Archuleta (Credit to: @GoDavidArchieGo)

What would you guys like to add in the Archudictionary? We'd love to hear them and add them on here with your credit!? :D

My brother once said David Artichoke.. xD he tried making me choke on water.. I felt the need to share that. ^_^

People who thought of a lot of these words: Tiff, Katie, Sarah, and Melissa(YOU CAN ALWAYS PLANT A TREE!! ^_^) and a lot of these are also on an IDF thread

Productive days

I loveee productive days!!! David. it's snowing here so I WOULDN'T BE TALKING IF I WERE YOU!!!! :P just kiddingggg... we all jump when you tweet. :)


At 4:13 PM EST *i failed to get exactly 600,000 but I was IN THE MOMENT!* ^-^
With 3,744 tweets and joined twitter 737 days ago, @DavidArchie FINALLY HAS 600,000 FOLLOWERS!!! ♥♥ *fireworks in the air...not singing Fireworks* xP 400,000 MORE TILL 1,000,000!!

Vote, vote, vote!!

The "American Idol" Season 10 Top 11 take the stage Wednesday night (March 23). The theme is Motown, which should prove interesting for country singers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

But before this year's Top 11 get their Motown groove on, let's take a look back at some past Top 11 stand-outs. We've picked out the cream of the crop here, but let us know in the comments if you disagree with any of our choices (or if there's somebody we left out).

Also - which one was the best? Clay's "Somewhere Out There," Carrie's "Alone," Fantasia's "Always On My Mind," McPheever's "Come Rain or Come Shine," Daughtry's "I Walk the Line," Jordin's "I (Who Have Nothing," Archie's "Long and Winding Road," Cook's "Day Tripper," Glambert's "Ring of Fire," Lee's "The Letter" or Crystal's "Me and Bobby McGee." Vote below - honestly, we think it's pretty hard to choose.

Vote for David in the poll they made HERE

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peach, Pear, Apricot

Sounds good... :]

Quotes from David is like a lesson for the day

I agree with that tweet. thanks for the advice David!!!

Have fun David!! It's dark and cloudy where I am! ME JEALOUS!! :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Epic Awesome Arch-fantastic David Word Search

Yes. That is the title. :D

Have fun! I know it looks's archie-fantastic!

Of those who complete this task will be given a shout out by us! ^-^
Just send us an email and the finished puzzle! (

On VEVO homepage

Those are the videos I like! haha (especially the 6th video *-^)
Also, MY FAVORITE VIDEO OF ALL TIME, A Little Too Not Over You is not on VEVO! they removed it for some reason! Vevo, please fix it! it's my favorite video and a video that means a lot to me! We all should totally just flood @VEVO on twitter saying that they need to add back ALTNOY!!!!!!!!

David Rides A Blimp!

This past January, American Idol favorite David Archuleta posted a blog on YouTube stating that his biggest New Year's wish was to fly in a blimp. We thought it would be great fun to make his wish come true, and last Friday it did as David and five of his friends took to the skies in the Spirit of America. Pilot-in-Charge Jon Conrad flew them along the scenic route up the California Coast along the Palos Verdes peninsula, and for over an hour he was rewarded with a private performance from David and his friends as they sang a medley of hit songs a cappella. A highlight of the once-in-a-lifetime flight for David was watching a pod of dolphins playing and chasing the SOA's shadow on the water as it passed overhead.
Thanks for riding with us David! We enjoyed having you!

From Goodyear's Facebook

(Finally) Sunny L.A. & Meetings!

Lets hope these meetings bring us some good news :]

David gets a tiny mention!

Remember Karen Rodriguez from American Idol? Well here's an interview of her with Ryan! Ryan mentions David right in the beginning.. ^_^

The video it self is pretty dang cool! NICK JONAS IS IN IT! ♥♥ haters to the left! :P

Who's up for a bike ride?

...David is!
I'm sure it's nice enough in Cali, he should go for it! :]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Song Title: Heya

Found on:

HEYYYYAAA sounds interesting! I hope we hear it in the future one day!? A concert? An unrelease track? A leak? *hopefully not! :P* or EVEN A NEW SINGLE?! :D

Note: Victoria Horn or.. Lady V and Matt Squire both co-wrote Look Around and The Day After Tomorrow with D from TOSOD.

UPDATE: on, it saids Big Time Rush are the performers. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ruined Me

Found on