Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday David Archuleta from all of us from Absolute Archies!

We wish you an AMAAZING birthday David! Even though you're not here in the US with us, we're still here to celebrate! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND NEVER FORGET YOU!

Celebrate David's birthday by trending #Happy22ndBirthdayDavidArchie on twitter!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please help Lisa with Rising Star Outreach! Donate today! + auction items!

Please help my friend, Lisa Murphy, get to India with Rising Star Outreach to help children with leprosy in India by giving a simple donation! She needs a minimum of $3.000 to go! David Archuleta knows she is planning on going, and has even given her a gift to give to the children when she goes. She can only get to India though with YOUR help, so donate today by going to by donating to her We Pay account on the home page 

-Allie W
Also, Lisa is also auctioning off signed David merchandise with stars unite! Check out her items out here!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sing David Sing Begin is trending WORLDWIDE on twitter

YAYY!! :) Let's keep trending it you guys! :)

Also, Toy Story 3 premiered on Disney Channel tonight! Watch for Totoro!!! <3 SOO ADORABLE!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


August 1, 2008.....THIS
premiered on the radio and David heard himself for the FIRST time on it!
Oh, it never gets old.. ♥

Take some time and watch the video again!Doesnt hurt to earn a few more viewers right?:)

iTunes update on Broken and BEGIN.

Click the picture to pre-order BEGIN. on iTunes!
You can download "Broken" on iTunes now! I think it's considered a single? Click HERE to!:)

I snapshotted these 4 hours ago so it might not be this updated anymore.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey guys..

I know this is off topic...but I'm trying to win a contest to see One Direction in NYC!

If you guys could help me out & just CLICK the link below (that's all you have to do)..

If you're feeling can click the link every 15 minutes & it will count! 

I'd really appreciate it! :] ♥ Love you all!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Crush Kids' Cancer: The Kids' Chapter is about to BEGIN.

Crush Kids' Cancer: David Archuleta's Angels is starting a new division called The Kids' Chapter!

The Kids' Chapter is where kids and young people can take part in the cause, spread the word and CRUSH cancer! 

For The Kids' Chapter's first project, we'll be selling Crush Kids Cancer products on Zazzle. Products include keychains, magnets, buttons, mugs and more, with our awesome logo designed by Lynsey! Buy Crush Kids' Cancer keychains for your friends, bring your Crush Kids' Cancer mug to work, support the cause with a special Crush Kids' Cancer bumper sticker - all fun ways to show your support and spread the word! Proceeds will go to Crush Kids' Cancer, as well as toward The Kids' Chapter's current fundraising goal of $5,000.

Check out some of these Crush Kids Cancer products and go to to view our entire store!

Visit and also be sure to follow us on twitter @TheKidsChapter and like us on facebook! 

I along with my awesome team will be having lots of fun projects, events and activities going on for kids and young people, so let us BEGIN. 

- Ashley, President of The Kids' Chapter of Crush Kids' Cancer

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BEHOLD! The Begin. Album Cover!!!

 What do you guys think?!!?♥


BEGIN.'s Tracklist!! :) Ahhh soooo exciting!!! I'm most excited to hear Somewhere Only We Can Know originally by Keane! What are you guys excited to hear?

 Beautiful (By: Christina Aguilera)
 Bridge over Troubled Water (By: Simon and Garfunkel)
Pride (In the Name of Love) (By: U2)
True Colors (By: Cyndi Lauper)
 Everybody Hurts (By: R.E.M.)
Be Still, My Soul (By: Sibelius)
Angel (By: Sarah McLachlan)
Don't Give Up ( By: Peter Gabriel)
Somewhere Only We Can Know (By: Keane)
Broken (by: David Archuleta)

Tweets reminding you to see the "I'll Never Go" video teaser & the tracklist!

save image 

Check out the preview of "I'll Never Go" HERE

Monday, June 11, 2012

"I'll Never Go" Official Music Video Teaser!

Sorry for being a little late on this! but yesterday, Ivory Music posted a music video teaser of David's next single "I'll Never Go" from David's newest album "Forevermore" on their facebook

Ivory Music & Video:

Hey David Archuleta fans! Are you ready to make another music video #1 on radio and TV? :) Stay tuned for the premiere of "I'll Never Go" by David Archuleta! 

Archuleta mentioned in a article

Idols who have reached No. 1 on the Christian charts include Clay Aiken, Mandisa, Chris Sligh, Jason Castro, Kris Allen and Underwood.

Kimberley Locke was the first Idol to reach No. 1 on the dance charts, followed by Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis and Adam Lambert.

The Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 charts have also been dominated by Idols. Clarkson was the first to top charts in both formats, followed by Daughtry. Locke has three AC No. 1s, all with holiday songs. Underwood has also topped the AC charts, along with Elliott Yamin, David Cook, Sparks and David Archuleta, while Allen and Lambert have reigned on the Adult Top 40 charts.

In an unbroken string dating back to season one, which premiered on Fox-TV 10 years ago tonight, every Idol winner (see list below)  has had at least one No. 1 on the Billboard charts, from Clarkson to Phillip Phillips, winner of season 11. His version of  "Home" debuted on top of the Rock Digital Songs chart two weeks ago.
American Idol No. 1s by contestant
Kelly Clarkson 73
Carrie Underwood 62
Chris Daughtry (Daughtry) 38
Fantasia 31
Ruben Studdard 16
Jennifer Hudson 15
Mandisa 15
Clay Aiken 12
Adam Lambert 9
David Cook 8
Kimberley Locke 8
Scotty McCreery 7
Josh Gracin 7
Jordin Sparks 7
Kris Allen 4
David Archuleta 4
Kellie Pickler 4
Elliott Yamin 4
Taylor Hicks 3 American Idol Finalists 2
Bo Bice 2
Jason Castro 2
Bucky Covington 2
Blake Lewis 2
Chris Sligh 2
Paris Bennett 1
Diana DeGarmo
1 Lee DeWyze 1
Tamyra Gray 1
Phillip Phillips 1
William Hung 1
Read the whole article here! :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I just thought this was cool! And it is TOTALLLYYY true!

Thanks @anagfeleo! (And for those who don't know who she is... she's David's manager in Nandito Ako!)
Please tell me this picture is AWESOME!! Can you see it? 
Click the Read more below for the answer! :D

Kari posts a picture of David and @anagfeleo!

:) Thanks SBA for the heads up!!!
 Hey guys! I haven't blogged in awhile. I've been busy with school but I have a few days off until summer school! (yayyy) how has everyone been?

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Thought...

Had a thought in my head that I wanted to share with you all while in the Philippines filming Nandito Ako about my future while I am gone on my mission.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

David Archuleta Is Our Inspiration!

I love that we could never get anything tending when he was here...but now that he's not here we trend stuff all the time. 0_o

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twitter's showing some David love tonight!

I love glancing over at the trending topics and seeing things like this trending randomly.
It makes me smile. :D ♥

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And he continues to brightening the day!

Woah. now that's a BIG billboard alright.. AHH HE'S SO ADORABLE!!

After seeing himself on the Bench FIX billboard!


This video is David's 99th video on youtube! hahah ♥ ahhh I love David's smile in this video, it brightens my day:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Food Tweet From South America!!! :]

Bet you didn't think you'd see one of THOSE for a while!

& He ate his last name...minus the "Ar" lol!! ♥

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Andddd A Tweet From David!

"A Part of my heart is always with them."

Awwwwww!! ♥ Love you D!

Happy David Archuleta Day!!! ♥

Mayor Daniel Snarr declared May 09, 2008 as DAVID ARCHULETA DAY in Murray, Utah at Murray High school while David is on his hometown for the American Idol Homecoming. :]

&& look we even got it trending!

How will you be celebrating David Archuleta Day?! :]

Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, May 7, 2012

David's New Album "Begin." Comes Out August 7th!

From the OS:
David Archuleta is pleased to announce the title and release date of his new album. The album is titled BEGIN., and is set for release in the US on August 7, 2012.
BEGIN. will be a mix of cover songs and original tracks. It is David’s fifth solo album after his debut record “David Archuleta”, the holiday album “Christmas From The Heart”, the sophomore record “The Other Side Of Down”, and the OPM album “Forevermore”.
Let the anticipation BEGIN. Keep checking back here regularly for more information on the new album, including international release dates.

Friday, May 4, 2012

One Million Followers & A New Twitter Picture! :]

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ♥ It's nice to know he's as loved as ever, and still gaining fans! :]

& Here's the new picture...What do you think?

Monday, April 30, 2012

David Archuleta helped Justin Bieber become a phenomenon

Here’s a video of Justin Bieber with his manager Scooter Braun at the Third Annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. Scooter says that he was involved with Justin before his first videos became viral on YouTube. Justin’s cover of Chris Brown’s ‘With You’ was his biggest hit — partly because David Archuleta sang the same song on American Idol a few weeks after it was posted. Fans found Justin while looking for David on YouTube. And that was the start.
Watch the video here:

...My two worlds colliding! ♥ :D

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Download David's Vlogs! ♥

Okay! So this is going to be the place where I will post all of David's past, present, and future (as they come along) vlogs for everyone to download either in iPod format, or .avi format(for DVD's) and so that everyone can keep them forever and ever & always...cause you know you love 'em :] ♥

Click here to download the vlogs in .avi format!

90. On Location of Nandito Ako (April 28th, 2012) Watch  Download

89. It's Not Goodbye... (March 28th, 2012) Watch Download

88. Before The Cut (March 26th, 2012) Watch Download

87. Little Sister 1 and Little Sister 2 (March 19th, 2012) Watch Download

86. One Month (March 1st, 2012) Watch Download

85. Last Vlog From Manila (February 18th, 2012) Watch Download

84. Happy Valentines Day! (February 13th, 2012) Watch Download

83. Singapore (February 7th, 2012) Watch Download

82. Last Week Filming Nandito Ako! (January 30th, 2012) Watch Download

81. First Day On The Set (January 15th, 2012) Watch Download

80. Headed Back To Manila To Act (January 11th, 2012) Watch Download

Backstage Tour Of Nandito Ako!

Here is a "backstage tour" onset at one of the many locations where Nandito Ako was filmed. I hope you enjoy it. Tags: *David *Archuleta *tour *Nandito *Ako *onset *Manila

Certainly didn't think I'd be getting any more vlogs to upload in the time David was gone...So what a lovely surprise!

I'll try and get this one up asap for you guys! :]
(Hey that rhymes!! :P)

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some back tweets!

Gah...I love Bench model David. ♥ Almost as much as Matt Clayton David :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buy "Forevermore" online!

Click HERE to buy em!

Catching up on some things :) *new facebook banner, the general conference, etc.*

First things first! Check out David's new facebook banner and picture!! So lovely...

MTC choir singing at the General Conference.

Credit to Kari

Elder Archuleta trended after the conference ended! Thanks for the snapshot SBA!
Brooke saw! yay! :D
Snapshot credit to SBA! :)