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New Merch Available At The OS!

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EDIT: Oh hey. 8x10 photo!? & a "Photo Cities" Tee. haha

Heheh.. @jambajim

Wait OFFICIAL Music Video

YES! No more tv recordings.. not that they were ALL bad. lol but it's great to have an official :)

Another Trip To The Ortho!

fun know David's home when he's going to the Ortho. :]

That Is Wise...

Archuleta: Wild place where Oaks grow. @archuletaphils and Pinoys plant 21 trees! on @DavidArchie's bday!

Tree. i like saying TWEEE! haha

Remember what Melissa posted about David and trees?? :D hahaha Andddd the last line in COS? "And remember, even when you can't sing, you can always plant a tree...." :D

Well on David's birthday yesterday, Pinoys planned 21 trees! Read all about it! :D

Wishing you a fun-filled day celebrating with
those you love the most!

UPDATE From Archuleta Philippines and ARCH
(Angels Reaching out w/ Caring Hearts)

I would like to share what we did here in Manila to celebrate David Archuleta’s birthday. Originally, the plan was to have the annual Christmas cum Archie birthday celebration. But recent events compelled us to re-channel our energies and make it a more productive day, inspired by our artist of choice.
Archuleta Philippines together with ARCH (Angels Reaching out with Caring Hearts) embarked on a ecological and compassionate-driven project for this day.
This was a surprise! We didn’t realize that there will be hiking involved. But a good sweat is always good. Yes David, 21 archies walked 1.2km through a Guided Walking Tour that lasted about 30-45 mins and which involved an EcoPark Overview, History and Orientation PLUS Plant/Trees Identification.
Noki the Tour Guide (who happens to be an Archie, too!): So what tree is this?
Archies: Kalachuchi
Noki the Tour Guide: Otherwise known as?
Yup! We tried relating most of the trees to David’s name :) LOL

One... hundred...steps... How many more? Gotta get through this ... Gotta get through this! Had to reach the top to get a glimpse of La Mesa Dam - the water source of the whole Metropolis :)

Taking a page from the 7 Habits of Successful People, where it said “Begin with the end in mind”, we looked at COS where David concluded “Remember, even if you can’t sing you can always plant a tree”. so that’s exactly what we did!

A very informative Eco Awareness Lecture, then we were off to planting David trees!
21 trees in honor of David’s birthday, which will actually be named after him thru ARCH (Angels Reaching out w/ Caring Hearts)! Neat eh? I’ll be getting the Tree Adoption Certificates w/ the naming rights 1st week of 2012

Weeee 21 David trees in years to come :)
We met with more Archies during lunch who bought more donations and were prepared to roll up their sleeves to pack our donation boxes
We transferred to One Gateway Place, where a function room has been arranged by Lorma (a resident of the condo) for our re-packing of grocery items such as caned goods, biscuits, soaps, laundry detergents, old clothes, shoes, slippers, blankets, etc..

160+ from all around the world saying THANK YOU to David Archuleta fans!

Thanks for making this breathtaking video ALLIE! ♥ it's ABSOLUTELY amazing to see all the support from the fans in the video + other fans outside this video! Let's all tweet David this! He NEEDS to see it! haha

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Birthday Wishes From Jim Cantiello!

BAHAHA! This IS and probably always will be my favoriteeeeeeeeeee video of David! ♥
So hilarious! "Thanks for letting me CHRISTmas carol with you guys"'s David at his finest!

Happy Birthday From Eman!

J-14 Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday David Archuleta!
We first swooned over David on American Idol, and couldn't get enough of his solo records and Christmas albums. Although David will spend the next two years on a mission with his church, we're glad he left us with his new song "Wait," which is exactly what we will gladly do for more music from Archie. Today, David Archuleta turns 21! Happy Birthday, David!

Fun Facts about David:
- Before American Idol, David recorded a demo called Fear vs. Faith, which you can check out on iTunes.
- David's self-titled debut album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts.
- He was first inspired to sing when he watched a Les Miserables video."That musical is what started all of this," he says.

David's A Big Boy Now!

All grown up...but hasn't changed at all. *Sniff* *Sniff* ♥

We love you David. :] ♥

Idol Wishes David A Happy 21st!

December 28, 2011 | 11:53 am PT
Happy Birthday, David Archuleta!

Season 7’s runner-up, David Archuleta, turns 21 years old today! We’ve watched David grow from a 16-year-old Season 7 Hollywood hopeful to an international star.

Last week, during a concert in his hometown, David announced that he has "chosen to serve a full time mission." Watch the emotional moment in front of a live audience where talks about following his heart. David just wrapped his My Kind of Christmas Tour, his last tour in a while, although he said "I'm not finished yet. I still have some time before I head out on my mission." On Christmas day, David released his music video for "Wait," which was shot in Hong Kong in November. Other big performances David has been a part of recently was Forbes' first-ever holiday concert, and he sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on PBS on December 13.

Six months after David's run on American Idol, he released his self-titled debut album, which peaked at No. 2 on three different Billboard charts and was certified Gold by the RIAA. The album included his hit single "Crush" and his second single "A Little Too Not Over You" which David co-wrote. Last October, David released a holiday CD entitled Christmas from the Heart. The album includes 12 Christmas songs covered by David and one original song, "Melodies of Christmas," that he co-wrote. During the summer of 2010, David released his first book, Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song, and The Power of Perseverance. David put out another album, The Other Side of Down, in October 2010, on which he co-wrote an impressive 9 of the 12 songs on the album.

Happy 21st Birthday, David!

American Idol



Sarah found this on Tumblr & thought it was cute! :]

The top & bottom pictures are supposed to be side by side,
but I couldn't lay them out that way with Blogger.

(Credit to ILoveChuDavidArchie)

Happy Birthday David! OUR LIL' ARCHIE IS GROWING EVEN MORE NOW!!! :') We'll be trending

but also
Happy Birthday David Archuleta
on Twitter today! So pleaseee help us! Especially it's going to be the last trend that David will ever see us trend for him in the next 2 years! So this has got to be super special! Remember 2 years ago?!

Snapshot credit to me! :D
Let's do it again TODAY :)
Check out our post of all the places he trended!

#Happy21stDavidArchie & Happy Birthday David Archuleta trending topic updates!

All the places where #Happy21stDavidArchie trends in the world!!! :D

First time trending WORLDWIDEE

#6 at 12:28AM EST

Also trending in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal!
Kuala Lumpur - #5

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Sony Music Malaysia, Brooke White & etc. wish DavidArchie a happy bday!

haha!! ya gotta love us Brooke. :D

And a positive post from:

We'll keep you guys posted!! 

December 28:
Aww Kate..♥ will you be there in April D?

Last Day Of Being 20!!

Wahoo! You're a big boy now, D! ;]

Trending Party tomorrow!!!!

It's a really really really really really really REALLLLLYYYYY special day tomorrow! IT'S MR. DAVID JAMES ARCHULETA'S 21ST BIRTHDAYY!!! :O Yeah okay.

SO WE'LL BE TRENDING #Happy21stDavidArchie on twitter tomorrow!

Be there pleasee!!! Remember how we trended #HappyBdayArchie 2 years ago?

Snapshot credit to me! :D
OH HEYYY.. Our VERY OWN Sarah....made that trend up.. Did you guys know that? :)

PLEASEEEEE.. Let's make this happen again! If we could do it 2 years ago, we could do it tomorrow :D

I gotz my second account ready and i'm ready to trend. :)

Look Who Made His Way On To The Trending Topics!

Even though we're a day early...I still consider this a success! :]

And not just that...but into the #2 spot!!

Happy EARLY 21st Birthday, David! ♥


He's also trending in Indonesia!

Also trending #2 in Jakarta right now!

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Absolute Archies! We hope you all spend time with family and friends and share the love of being together and stay safe!!♥

David's My Kind Of Christmas Poem:

‎"My kind of Christmas is a blessing so deep.
A time to spend with family and friends we long to keep.
My kind of Christmas is a memory to make.
A time to be remembered when we give more than we take.
My kind of Christmas is a blessing tonight.
So many smiling, shining their forgotten inner light.
My kind of Christmas is a holy place to me.
A place in time and space right here, and now eternally.
So may angels in the snow bless all you do, Merry Christmas. 
My Kind of Christmas, to you."

IT'S HERE! The Wait video is HEREEE!!!!

The best quality for now. but we'll have to WAIT for the official.. Hopefully vevo or David's official youtube will upload it...

THANKS kelvinbeh06!!! ♥

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