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Essential Archuleta, Part One.

Essential Archuleta, Part One.: "
'Essential Archuleta' is designed to be the ultimate primer for new fans of David Archuleta, as well as a resource for existing fans to brush up on their Archufacts. Spatial limitations unfortunately dictate that much has to be left out, but we aim to give a comprehensive summary of David's career, background, and character, with some fun fan facts thrown in along the way. This post will be updated from time to time to keep things current, but for now, enjoy!

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David in 5!

If someone asked you casually, randomly, not knowing you knew JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING about David, not knowing you've seen 662 YouTube performances of “Angels,” not knowing you can tell BY THE SHIRT HE'S WEARING which concert a video or picture is from (how about a contest, folks?) – what if you had 5 MINUTES to explain who he is? What would you say?

Heeere's your answer:

David, hmmm, well, he was runner up on season 7 of 'American Idol,' but you probs know that. And before that, when he was 12, he won Junior Vocal Champion on 'Star Search.' A Mormon from Utah with a strong love of his family, music, and Thai food, David has done six tours to date: “American Idol,” Jingle Ball (including a performance at Madison Square Garden in NYC), a SOLD-OUT solo tour, a tour in the U.K. supporting the British pop punk group McFly, a summer tour with Disney star Demi Lovato, and a Christmas tour. He also did an AMAAAZING show with David Cook in the Philippines, performing in front of 50,000 people with another 75,000 outside.

David has two albums out: his first was self-titled and his second was called 'Christmas From the Heart.' His first single, titled 'Crush,' has sold about 2 million copies, the debut album about 750,000, and CFtH about 200,000. Oh, and he's won three Teen Choice Awards and a special ALMA Award for This Year In Music's Rising Star (get thyself to YouTube to watch his 'Contigo en la Distancia' performance from that show!) He's also acted in two TV shows: 'iCarly' and 'Hannah Montana,' and his memoir 'Chords of Strength' was released on June 1, 2010.

But the thing that means the most is his charity work and how he inspires his fans to do the same. Personally, he endorses Invisible Children, Make-A-Wish, Do, and Rising Star Outreach, among others. His fans have created numerous fund drives and charities on their own, donating well over $115,000 in his name.

Before “Idol”

When David was 12, he appeared on “Star Search.” Read his blogs from around that time period (August 2002 - March 2003) HERE. This site also has links to music he recorded at that time, including Dream Sky High and Don't Tell Me. All of his 2004 'Star Search' performances are archived here, as well as candid photos and an informative bio! This is a SUPER site, easy to navigate and very informative. Don't miss it!

What People Say About David

The best person to start with is probably Paula Abdul, a then-judge on “American Idol,” who told David (live) (in front of millions) (seriously): “I want to squish you, squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rear-view mirror.” Later in the season she expanded upon this, telling a blushing David, “You are a gem. You have this aura about you. You are glorious. The sun will never go down on you, David Archuleta.”

Once David began touring, reviewers from “The Deseret News” and (two of many) raved that he “combines a powerful voice with a youthful vitality that is both engaging and impressive” and “has a deep, rich, resonant voice well beyond his years.” (Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer put it slightly less formally, referring to him in a tweet as “mr crushes the masses with crazy awesome voice guy.”)

Meanwhile, AListPromotions took note of “his ability to reach out and interact with his fans throughout his performances,” calling it “truly remarkable,” a sentiment which was echoed by Don Ashley of the Brandon Stake Center for the Mormon Church in Florida. He said “[David] has genuine, genuine fans out there, and I believe it’s because of his great charm and his spirit.”

So what Don’s saying is that he’s a great kid and an inspirational role model as WELL as a talented performer? Kendra Lowe, of the band David takes with him on tour, says YES!

“David has taught me more than I can say,” she said. “He has a beautiful light around him. He is so pure and so good. He has made me want to become a better person by watching his example.”

Fellow “Idol” alum David Cook agreed. “He’s an amazing human being on top of being a great performer and he’s been – not even for someone his age – one of the most gracious people I’ve ever met,” he enthused. “I consider David a really good friend.”

In fact, everyone from the executive director of Rising Star Outreach (“He’s someone who is naturally kind and genuinely interested in helping people”) to the drummer of British pop punk band McFly (“If you look up ‘nice, awesome person’ in the dictionary, it just says ‘David Archuleta’”) has positive things to say about him.

“This is the sweetest kid that’s ever lived!” gushed DJ Matty from the radio station KISS 108.

“He’s like the nicest human being on the planet,” echoed Disney star Demi Lovato.

“There is officially no way to dig up dirt on Mr. David Archuleta,” concluded Martin Johnson of the band Boys Like Girls.

But the last word should be given to Cook, who on one occasion remarked simply, “If you put me in the same sentence with David Archuleta, I’ll be fine.”

What David Says About Himself

So who is this David Archuleta kid? Well, in the words of his Twitter bio: “I’m David. I like music.”

And a lot of other people like his music, something for which he frequently expresses his gratitude. He told “The Montclair Times” in December 2009, “The fans I have are really dedicated. I really appreciate it. They are the ones who allow me to do this. They are the ones who support me and come to the shows and enjoy the music.”

David is also a committed Mormon who believes “my voice was a gift God gave me, and I use it in a positive way” – although he acknowledges that “people have different views of life, and I try to respect that. I feel like music has a universal common ground, so I’ve just let the music do the speaking.” He’s admitted in interviews that for a long time he hated the sound of his voice, and to this day dislikes seeing himself on TV (“When people play clips during interviews, I’m like, ‘Please turn it off.’”)

However, he says he “wouldn't change anything. Even the minor things or problems are what influence who I am.” An interview with “USA Today” yielded a quote about individuality and staying true to himself that has been widely embraced by his fanbase: “I'm not going to pretend to be somebody else just to humor society.”

Indeed, his agreeable nature belies a polite defiance fueled by his personal values, ensuring that while he may be unfailingly nice, David Archuleta is no pushover. In an April 2010 interview, he told “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, “I just want everyone to be happy and I just don’t wanna be a problem but it’s like, you know what? There’s a point where I have to stand up for myself because it’s gonna make a difference.”

As deep as he can get sometimes, David lets his fun-loving, dorky side show too, for example when he announced on his official blog, “Aren’t bunnies wonderful?? But as wonderful as bunnies are my heart belongs to Totoro.” His Twitter is a great place to find out more about this side of David as it’s often where he shares quirky details of his life, from finding a stray business card in his shoe to having noisy hotel neighbors.

According to David, a large part of how he’s managed to remain so grounded since becoming famous is due to his family.

“I’m just David, and a lot more people know who I am now than before, but it’s not like I’m a different person because of that,” he explained. “That’s the important thing about family, because they help remind you. They say, ‘This is David,’ and when you come home they still treat you like a David.”

And what a David he is.


If you're a David fan, you not only appreciate David's music and admirable disposition, but his quirky personality too. He truly is the King of Random! From his penchant for quoting Paulo Coelho to the infamous 'hush cats' tweet (see picture), there's something for everyone out there who follows our beloved @DavidArchie.

For lots of interesting stats and tidbits of info, check out Nicola's one-year Twitterversary post HERE!

David's first tweet (Is in Ohio) quickly gave way to more random observations, often about food, exercise, traffic, the weather, and funny things that happened during his day:

Oh man! Hello giant bowl of guacamole. I think I love you.

I can't fall asleep, and I look like a chipmunk. But there's a cool lightning storm going on outside.

I had a business card in my shoe the entire time I was exercising. No wonder it felt uncomfortable.

Traffic... I guess it gives you time to ponder about life some more as your car inches down the road lol.

His encounters with other people also prove humorous, especially when people THINK they recognize him...

Lady comes up to me and says 'excuse me, but has anyone ever told you you look a lot like David Archuleta?' I say oh a few times. Haha

Someone asked me if I was David Cook not too long ago. I said no and they said, 'Oh, well.. you look like him,' and walked away.

'are you who I think you are?' I say maybe... 'Ricky Archuleta. You're Ricky Archuleta right?' I say no sorry. She walks off lol.

As well as tweeting, David also posts TwitPics! His very first TwitPic was of a gift he received from a fan - a plush Totoro which regrettably was later mauled by David's brother's dog.

Probably his most infamous TwitPic was posted in September 2009, when David got his wisdom teeth removed. Naturally, he documented the experience for his followers right from the dentist's chair!

David is also known for his 'words of wisdom' tweets, in which he shares quotes he finds inspirational by everyone from religious scholars to Dr. Seuss! You can follow him HERE!

Blogs & Vlogs

'Hey, guys, it's David here...'

A list of all the video blogs, or 'vlogs,' that David has recorded from June 2008 through to the present day can be found HERE. The post is regularly updated and also contains download links in both iPod and .avi format.

At the time of writing, David has posted almost 40 vlogs, but some especially stick out in fans' memories. In his infamous Atlanta airport vlog from February 2009, David uses his layover to film himself and Kendra (his keyboardist) looking at some 'weird little things' in an airport gift shop. A product with the slogan 'We're number one at number two' catches his attention...

In addition to recording vlogs, David posts written blogs on his official site. These can be found archived under the blog tag on Snarkies.

Best Interviews

Out of the MANY interviews David has done, these are the ones that topped our list as the best of the best!

Christmas caroling with Jim Cantiello in October 2009!
(The accompanying interview is HERE and HERE.)
Credit: ArchieAngel96

Access Hollywood (backstage at 'Idol' with David Cook)
American Idol Extra
Seventeen Malaysia
B96 Jingle Bash
David and Guillermo ('Jimmy Kimmel Live')
MyFox DC

Songs David Has Written/Co-Written

'A Little Too Not Over You'
(David's second single, commonly referred to by fans as ALTNOY)
Credit: davidarchuletaVEVO

Don't Let Go
Falling (written when David was 14)
Somebody Out There
Works For Me
Zero Gravity
Melodies of Christmas

Appearances & Awards

In August 2008, David attended the Teen Choice Awards with David Cook. They presented the award for Choice Music Female Artist, and David won the award for Most Fanatic Fans. (We know. We’re awesome. Don’t hate.) Then, in November of the same year, David and Shailene Woodley (from 'Secret Life of the American Teenager') presented the award for Best Male Country Artist to Brad Paisley at the 2008 American Music Awards.

February 2009 marked David's acting debut - he guest-starred on the 'i Rocked the Vote' episode of 'iCarly,' in which Carly influenced her audience to vote for David in a televised singing competition and then felt guilty for affecting the results. On the night the episode first aired, David and 'iCarly' star Miranda Cosgrove hosted 'Crush Night' on Nickelodeon, where David answered questions and performed 'Crush' and 'A Little Too Not Over You.' Check out this post on for a video clip of David on 'iCarly' and 'Crush Night'!

And in May of 2009, David not only guest-starred on 'Hannah Montana' but also sang a duet with the show's star, Miley Cyrus! In the episode, entitled 'Promma Mia,' Miley is conflicted about whether to go to prom with a dorky kid who has a crush on her, or accept David's last-minute offer to record a song together. Clips of David’s scenes can be found HERE.

David received an award for This Year in Music's Male Rising Star at the 2009 ALMA Awards, which took place in October and honored Latinos in the entertainment industry. He performed Contigo en la Distancia (in Spanish, bien sur) (“bien sur” is actually French for “of course”) (ironic how that is not Spanish) (oh well). You can download an .mp3 of his performance HERE.

David's Charity Work

David takes every opportunity to speak out and help others. Invisible Children, Make-A-Wish, Angels For A Cause, and Rising Star Outreach are the charities we hear about the most, but it doesn't end there. David also supports Habitat for Humanity, Do, Lisa Lopes Foundation, Music For Relief, and the We Are The World Foundation.

In February 2010, David took part in the recording of 'Somos El Mundo,' the Latino version of 'We Are The World,' with all proceeds going towards earthquake relief in Haiti. In January, he lent an ear to the Hope For Haiti Now telethon by answering phones, and also supported The Wheelchair Foundation/Plane To Haiti drive seeking donations for those affected.

I'm not done yet! David has also traveled to Guatemala and Honduras with a group called Mentors, which gives micro-loans to help those in need establish their own businesses. And during his Christmas tour, he partnered with Tickets-for-Charity, which gave some of the proceeds from ticket sales to numerous charitable organizations. For a large part of 2009, David wore an Invisible Children bracelet to attract attention to the plight of child soldiers in Uganda.

Random but not to be left out... During an appearance on 'The Bonnie Hunt Show,' David donated a bracelet he wore on tour plus the shirt off his back to be auctioned for a cancer fundraiser that Bonnie was sponsoring. The winning bid? $6,550! A 'Dinner with David' benefiting the local Boys and Girls Club in David's hometown of Murray brought in $4,300, and David also donated a 'squiggly pig' bookbag to the Books for Kids Foundation which garnered almost $1,000, and was very, very cute (see photo).

Check out more from David's 'charity biography' HERE.

Fans' Charity Work

Starting with Stand Up 2 Cancer back in September 2008, David's fans have a history of being some of the most charitable on the planet. While many of the donations can be tracked (see below), a lot are given without formal acknowledgment to charities such as Make-A-Wish and Invisible Children, just because fans know these organizations are near and dear to David's heart.

Stand Up 2 Cancer - $50,280
Angels For A Cause - $35,000
Crush MS - $16,917
David Archuleta Music Scholarship - $5,800
Peace.Love.Cupcakes. - $5,500
Lisa Lopes Foundation - $4,200
Archies Give Back - $4,160
Golden Archies to Make-A-Wish - $1,050
Hearts and Hands - $800
Calendars for MS - $626
GRAND TOTAL $124,333

Two other organizations are dedicated to giving the gift of David himself: Team Archie's mission is to gift David's music internationally to those who have no access other than to download illegally, and David Beyond Borders is in the midst of a similar campaign involving his book, 'Chords of Strength.'

Best Fan Tribute Videos

When You Say You Love Me - michelinamarie
He's Got a Smile That Heals Me - sdb66
When I See You Smile - beautifulsoulxxx

'Infamous' Pictures

'The shot heard round the world' is a term used to refer to several incidents throughout history, including the beginning of the American Revolutionary War and the start of World War I. But for the purposes of the David fanbase, the shots heard round the world were camera shots, snapping pictures that everyone knows, loves, and can instantly recognize.

For example, there were the times David rode on the back of a Harley Davidson with Sasquatch at a Utah Blaze game (see photo), posed with Bullseye the canine Target mascot at the ALMA's, and stood on David Cook's back to adjust the volume of the 2008 Olympic Games before Michael Phelps' big race. Not to mention David's handstand competition with David Cook in a parking lot during the 'Idol' tour (video HERE), and his piggyback ride ON David Cook as part of Elvis Duran's radio show on Z100 (video HERE).

And we can't forget David showing off his Pokémon T-shirt and chipmunk cheeks at VIP sessions on his summer 2009 tour, not to mention his dazzling smile in his U.K. vlog back in May of the same year. The list goes on!

A Brotherhood of Sites

Links to all known David fansites can be found HERE. If you want to suggest one that isn't on the list, leave a comment or e-mail us at the address above!

Continued in Part Two.

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