Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Jimmy Dickens...

I'm more interested in hearing what he ate at Cracker Barrel...lol!

Cracker Barrel!

NOMS. Make sure you try the fried apples, David! Delicious!

yellow shirts = sunshine

singer/songwriter victoria shaw twitpic'd her and david. awwww.
i love that shirt.

Go two states above David!

....aka ILLINOIS!!!! :) You haven't been there for quite a while.. and other places. like. MAINE!! :D

David Archuleta - Exclusive Interview - Myrtle Beach, SC. MayFest Concert

Credit to:



Sounds great, D.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More videos from Myrtle Beach!

All video credits to go to: emilyluvsarchie! Thanks Emily!

A Little Too Not Over You -

muh song... ♥♥♥♥

Touch My Hand -

My Hands -

Sarah's song... ♥♥♥

A Thousand Miles -

Elevator -

Crush -

(A Snippet of) Lost -

"David sang a line from "Lost" after an announcement was made about a child that was lost. Child was found"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Videos from Myrtle Beach

Stomping The Roses

Credit to Jonerzz

The Other Side of Down

Credit to Jonerzz

Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Cover

Credit to Jonerzz

Black Bird - Cover

Credit to emilyluvsarchie

Something Bout Love

Credit to Jonerzz

Works For Me!:

Credit to emilyluvsarchie


Credit to emilyluvsarchie

Falling Stars:

Credit to emilyluvsarchie

Gotta Get Thru This - Cover

Credit to Jonerzz

Credit to emilyluvsarchie

David Had Fun!!

Ustreams for The Myrtle Beach Mayfest Tonight @ 8 PM EST!!

There are going to be Ustreams from both FANSCENE and Allthings Archie starting at 8pm EST!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More David Archuleta pictures from the American Idol Finale Red Carpet

These are untagged GettyImages courtesy of David-Daily! Thanks a bunch D-D! :D

Allison Iraheta with David and Jojo at Viewing Party



David catches up with Tr3s and advice to future idols!


I'll Be & Crush at the American Idol Viewing Party!

LMBO!!! These people don't know how to clap to the song..

Thanks Archuleta Fan Scene!Link

David Archuleta sings "Crazy" at the American Idol Viewing Party!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... Giving me chills! Not making me fall asleep! ahaha I love when he sings Crazy.. it makes me go CRAZYYYYYYYYYY AYAY................. I love how he changes it up all the time. this one might be my new fav version. ^_^ But maybe not, the NJ soundcheck one was my fav. :D

Other videos from the viewing party coming soon! :D

David gets a picture with SHOWBIZ SHELLY!!!!

Showbiz Shelly is from B96 Chicago. CHICAGO. YOU HEAR THAT DAVID!?!? COME HEREEEEEEEEEEE... :D

I caught up with my @ last night too! My fave :)

Credit to.. of course Shelly!

Gah. go visit shelly some time Davey.