Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

How has your day been? giving out candy or taking candy from strangers? haha My neighborhood is nice and quiet. ^_^ Only 3 trick-or-treaters! :) hehe..david isn't in the US for Halloween...

But he was last year! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Interview and Photoshoot with LDS Living

LDS Living invited their readers to submit questions they wanted to hear David Archuleta answer... hear what he has to say!

David Archuleta is being featured on the cover of the November/ December issue of LDS Living! Here is a little behind the scenes footage of his photoshoot.

David's reminds us to watch the vlog!

You could also download the vlog HERE thanks to our lovely SARAH! ♥

Friday, October 28, 2011

David on the front over of LDSLiving!

oh hi adorable. i want one.. LOL

UPDATE: Like to order a copy? Here’s how, from a lovely email sent to us by LDS Living customer service department: Thank you for your email and excitement about the November/December 2011 issue of LDS Living with David Archuleta on the cover. You can purchase a single issue online at after Nov. 1st or by calling 1.888.846.7302. The price for a single issue is $3.95 and shipping is $2.99 for the total of $6.94. Also, now through November 30, 2011, you can purchase a one-year subscription to LDS Living for only $10. The first issue subscribers will receive is the November/December 2011 issue with David. This purchase can be made online at or by calling 1.800.585.3188.

Who Doesn't Love Charlie Brown?!

Linus is my personal favorite...♥ #nojoke

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hong Kong!

Excited to be going to Hong Kong with Channel V! Doing an event with them as well as shooting a music video for my song "Wait" while there in Hong Kong. Went to Florida for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals and then went to Vegas to visit relatives there. Have a show in Singapore Nov. 19 and a few other things coming up.

*David *Archuleta *Hong *Kong *Channel *Childrens *Miracle *Network *Hospitals *Florida *Disney *World *Las *Vegas *Singapore *Thailand

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A quick road trip to LA!

FUNN!!! At least it's a quick one? haha

Club Nokia (California) tickets are almost SOLD OUT!

Thanks FOD for the snapshot! :)

California concert goers! Did you make up your mind yet? Hurry!!!
Click HERE  buy your Club Nokia VIP tickets!

Or get NORMAL tickets at ticketmaster!

Glad Christmas Tidings in Target and airdates!

via FOD thanks!
Watch Last Year’s Concert on PBS: The 2010 concert featuring David Archuleta and Michael York will be seen on nationwide PBS Television on Tuesday, December 13; Saturday, December 17; Friday, December 23; Saturday, December 24; and on Christmas Day. Check local listings for times in your area.
Also, @kimak took a picture of GCT from Target! Isn't it beauuuuutiful?!?!! :)

Does this make you want to go to Target or Walmart and grab CD? haha hmm.. David, you STILL haven't told us where to get the autographed GCT... lol 

Recent buzzzz!!

Disney Dreaming

A David poster from Candy Magazine!

Credit to @kaattt11 thanks!

And thanks SBA for the heads up!

Tweets that we have not posted yet! :P

Yay! The X Factor....

David's twitpic:

We're sooooo sorry we haven't been up to date! Our site is under maintenance! :) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

David singing Dream Sky High & Lean On Me at Children's Miracle Network Awards

Thank you so much AttractionsMagazine!

David also shared both on his facebook. :D

Thank you All Things Archie for this snapshot! :D

It's so beautiful! every time I hear it, i shed a tear...


You know Q102's Hottest of the Hottest Boy contest right? Well David is losing and he must win this battle and the poll will end soon!! please vote for him...and not Alexander Gaskarth?


The Children's Miracle Network event today! - via SBA

From Sunny:

#Celebration11 Lupe & David Archuleta, Meredith Vieira, me & Kelli & Elizabeth from @CMNHospitals ♥

From CMN:
On today's Champion agenda: an emotional meet 'n greet with representatives from title sponsor Ace Hardware and our other fabulous company supporters. Meredith Vieira and David Archuleta helped get the morning started with a Champions breakfast.

On today's Champion agenda: an emotional meet 'n greet with representatives from title sponsor Ace Hardware and all our fabulous company supporters! Meredith Vieira and David Archuleta helped get the morning started with a Champions breakfast. Pictured here are Texas and Oregon Champions Dustin and Hannah!

David Archuleta performs @CMNHospitals #Celebration11

David Archuleta is Tiny but he can sing! #CMNCanada

MissAmericaAmazing night with @CMNHospitals- so incredible to spend time with @meredithvieira and @DavidArchie...great people with a passion for kids!

At rehearsal this afternoon with @DavidArchie and some of his friends and family

@DavidArchie you and your group are some of the kindest and most wonderful people I've ever met- God bless! (:

Thank you Ashley from Something 'Bout Archie!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Vlog: Time For A Visit

Had a good time in Okinawa! Was supposed to be going to Bangkok, Thailand soon but there are really bad floods going on right now there that are really serious. All my best to you guys out there! Think I'm going to go for some visits today.


Hmm.. i wonder who you visited? you could visit me? anytime?! lol

Tweet Tweet

Some back tweets, sorry guys.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome back Mr. @DavidArchie!

:D glad to have you back D!!!!

Listen to Janel's (@Nellie1983) covers!

SOOOOOO good! Check it out! All these covers relate to David! like how he sang And So It Goes on Idol....he also sang Mary Did You Know! and how he likes Adele... =D

and a "Make You Feel My Love" Adele cover! Click HERE to listen! :D

Want to share your talent/David song covers on our site? Or just David news to us? No problem! Just email the info to ! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Congratulations Crush on having 30,000,000+ viewers on youtube!

YAYYYY US! First Something 'Bout Love gets 10,000,000 viewers and now Crush gets 30,000,000!!!! ♥♥ Celebrate by watching! :D

Foster Festival pictures!

Click HERE for more! thanks David Archuleta archangels from facebook for the photo album!! :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

David's Recent Tweets

He got there safely and had a good show! Yay! :)

David performing in Singapore in November!!

Click HERE to find out more information and purchase tickets :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Christmas From The Heart anniversary @DavidArchie!

 AHH! Can't believe it's been two years. :'( I still remember what happened that day! We were all hyped up and excited! Right?! haha We trended #ArchuletaXmasCD! remember??!! Let Tiff guide you on! ^_^

October 13, 2009:
#ArchuletaXmasCD first trends! Credit to Tiff! (me)
And #ArchuletaXmasCD #1 ON THE TRENDING LIST!

Credit to Larissa! Thanks! :)

Listen to them to celebrate this amazing day!!!

October 13, 2010: uh. nothing really happened last year? no trending party. :(

October 13, 2011: hmmm... what do you guys think?