Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello guys! long time no post! A few updates

Hey y'all! Sooo.. I'm at school...finished my finals.. and there's no early bus to take me home so I'm just stuck here for about an hour and fifteen minutes. :/ Meanwhile, I'm in the library blogging on the first ever fansite I officially blogged on! Those were the days.. Waiting on twitter for something exciting to happen to David and blogging it right away. One year later can be so different. I've gotten more social than before and yeah, well high school :)

I was watching American Idol yesterday (recorded) and there were flashbacks in the intro. You'd know what i'm talking about if you watched right? I saw like.. white clothing....and was like WAIT. I REMEMBER SOMEONE SNAPSHOTTED SOMETHING REALLY SIMILAR IN SEASON 9 WHEN DAVID WAS A PART OF THE TRIBUTE TO SIMON COWELL!


So I rewinded a little bit and paused! and BAM.... 

DAVIDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Yup, that's really the best thing ever.. to see David on my TV screen again. I really miss that. I wish I watched David on Idol. but I wasn't interested in American Idol then. BUT.. David DID get me watching it. at the start of season 9. And aghhh! This season of American Idol... I think I'm scared.. Mariah and Nicki... EEEK