Thursday, June 30, 2011

MTV Speaks about Archuleta. muaha

You guys know what to tell @MTV!
MTV Buzzworthy:

GAH I just wanna squeeze those cute David Archuleta cheeks! Phew. Exhale. Okay he's 20 now, so he can't really be considered a kid. But look at that punim! I can't help it! I get maternal! So sue me!

As cute as he may be, the Idol alum's new sound is more mature as ever. After leaving Jive Records, Archuleta was reported to have been working overtime on his new material. Though "Everything And More," which premiered on a Singapore radio station this week, is not a particularly innovative ballad (weird, since he co-wrote it with Grammy winning songwriter Victoria Horn), we do have to give Team Archie credit. He knows what works for him and rarely strays from his sweet spot. Even while on Idol, David's best performances (probably The Beatles classic "Imagine" and Elton John's power ballad "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me") were centered around soft melodies and touching lyrics.

And if we know anything about Arch, it's that this is exactly the type of heartfelt and wholesome song genetically engineered to make us fall in love with him all over again.

ahahahah i'd keep exhaling if i were you.. ^_^