Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allllrightyyy lovely fans... Tomorrow's the first concert day! - Live blogging info

If you didn't know, Something 'Bout Archie is teaming up with All Things Archie and Something 'Bout Archie! And we're taking turns live blogging! For more info on the blogging schedule and such, click HERE.
Tomorrow's live blogging is on THIS site with Sheila and Tiff *ME*! :) so head over here tomorrow if you want to see what's up! :) Are you going to tomorrow's show? If you are, tweet us @AbsoluteArchies and we'll add you on their live blogging list :) Also tweet @SBArchie_site if you're going to the Verona, NY show on Saturday!

Live blogging schedule:

12/1- Westbury, NY- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Sheila)  
12/2- Irving, NY - On All Things Archie (Jessica, Tiffany)
12/3- Verona, NY- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Tiffany, Melissa)
12/4 Strousburg, PA- On All Things Archie (Allie)
12/8- Boise, ID- On All Things Archie (Katrina, Tiffany)
12/9- Blackfoot, ID- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Melissa)
12/10- Cedar City, UT- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Melissa)
12/13- Santa Rosa-On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina, Theresa)
12/14- Los Angeles, CA- On Absolute Archies (Sheila, Sarah) 
12/16- Ventura, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Ashley)
12/17- Anaheim, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley)
12/19- Salt Lake City, UT- On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina, Reagan)
12/21- Beaver Creek, CO- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Melissa, Ashley)

Are you going a concert? Please tweet whichever site is doing that date and we'll add you to our twitter list :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New vlog - My Kind Of Christmas Tour


"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU..............................................................COMPUTER....." AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pandora's Unforgettable Moments on Ice videos!

Thanks for all the vids JRForDA2011!

Above The Northern Lights♥♥♥♥ *so beautiful!*

Pat-A-Pan♥♥♥ *i'm amazed as always*

Silent Night with Chip Davis *oooooooo*♥♥♥♥

What Child Is This♥♥♥ *:')*

To Be With You♥*i've been waiting for the snow to fall♥*

Absolute Archies, Something 'Bout Archie, and All Things Archie teaming up for the "My Kind Of Christmas Tour" Live blogging!


Hey all! So usually for tours and shows, Live blogging is time consuming for every blogger that's live blogging.. Well this time around for the MKOC Tour we're doing something a little different. Why don't we just have one site blog for that day and take turns? With all of our busy schedules, we realized that we can't all live blog every show of this tour, so we're teaming up! Absolute Archies has teamed up with Something 'Bout Archie and All Things Archie for live blogging all the shows on the tour. Basically what this means is, all three sites won't be posting live blogs for every show, each site is taking turns! Below is a schedule Allie, Ashley and I made up, which shows which blogger from which site will be live blogging which show of the tour: 

12/1- Westbury, NY- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Sheila) 
12/2- Irving, NY - On All Things Archie (Jessica, Tiffany) 
12/3- Verona, NY- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Tiffany, Melissa) 
12/4 Strousburg, PA- On All Things Archie (Allie) 
12/8- Boise, ID- On All Things Archie (Katrina, Tiffany) 
12/9- Blackfoot, ID- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Melissa) 
12/10- Cedar City, UT- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Katrina, Melissa)
12/13- Santa Rosa-On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina)
12/14- Los Angeles, CA- On Absolute Archies (Sheila, Sarah)
12/16- Ventura, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Ashley) 
12/17- Anaheim, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley) 
12/19- Salt Lake City, UT- On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina, Reagan)
12/21- Beaver Creek, CO- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Melissa, Ashley)

So be sure to report to those sites listed for a live blog of each show! And we'll all be sure to tweet reminders so everyone knows where to go for the live blogs! 

Any of these sites could change but we'll keep you guys posted on which site! :)

And follow our live bloggers!

Ashley: @Palrice8
Jessica: @jessicaxoemily
Katrina: @katrinalexa
Sheila: @fa3ryg1rl
Melissa: @melissad309
Theresa: @TheresaLuvsU

Tour rehearsal today!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Congrats winners who won the free autographed Glad Christmas Tidings from the official site!

One extra VIP ticket to Verona, NY!

Rica still has one VIP ticket to the Verona, NY concert! If you can't afford to buy your own VIP ticket for that show, and really want to go, please shoot us an email at or follow us and then Direct Message  us on twitter: @AbsoluteArchies and we'll help you contact her! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Westbury, NY tickets ON SALE!!! → FRONT ROW SEATS!!!

Sheila has two tickets to the Westbury, NY concert next Thursday December 1st (THE FIRST SHOW) FRONT ROW! And she's slling them both for $175 or best offer. So tweet her or DM her on twitter @fa3ryg1rl if you're interested! :)

Pandora Unforgettable Moments on Ice airs on TV tomorrow!!!

It'll air tomorrow (Nov. 27) on NBC at 4:00 - 6:00PM EST so check your local listing and don't forget to record your DVRs! hahaha 

Ovation Network Rebroadcast is on Saturday, Dec. 3!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Clearly our AA staff has been in a Turkey Coma...excuse us. :P

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

David talks on the phone with Jennette McCurdy on her Ustream!

Jennette calls David at 23:31! Teehee.. David does know his food. That's all i'm gonna say. You'll have to watch and see what they talk about :P

David's Excited For Thanksgiving!

I bet Thanksgiving is his know...cause of the food. ;]

Win a pair of FREE tickets from Just Jared Jr. to the Irving Plaza show in NYC!

Guess what has got in our hands — tickets to David Archuleta’s NYC Irving Plaza show!
David, 20, is kicking off his My Kind of Christmas Tour in less than a week and has given us a couple of tickets to his December 2nd date — which we’re giving to you!
“Finished up rehearsals for this week! Looking forward to the Christmas shows!” he tweeted just a few days ago.
JJJ Note: Transportation will not be provided, so you need to be within driving distance to attend this show.
Also, if you don’t win — there are still tickets available!
Approximate Retail Value: $42
    STEP 1: READ the Official Rules
STEP 2: LIKE JustJaredJR on Facebook

STEP 4: COMMENT — Leave a comment below and in the email field, leave us your email address (will not be published), so we can let you know you’ve won. Comment as many times as you want.
ONE winner will be chosen at the end of the contest. NEW YORK Residents Only. This contest ends MONDAY, November 28th @ 11:59PM EST. Good luck!


KUTV's Fresh Living

Thanks for the videos once again JRForDA2011! :)

Childfund's David bio!

Original source:

Holiday on Ice sneak peek!!

David Archuleta facebooked it :)

Also, from the Official Site 

Here’s a sneak peak of Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice with world champion Kimmie Meissner skating to David Archuleta and Mannheim Steamroller.
Catch more performances from David and Mannheim Steamroller, as well as numbers from the entire cast when the show airs as part of the Pandora NBC Skating Series on Sunday, November 27, on NBC (check your local listings for channel information).

Satellite live interviews from yesterday!

All youtube video credits go to JRforDA2011! :)

Good Day Alabama

Fox10 Phoenix, AZ

Fox29 San Antonio, CA

Fox40 Sacramento, CA

Fox59 Indianapolis


Interviews, Interviews, and MORE Interviews...

1 extra Verona, NY VIP ticket!

Rica has one extra Verona, NY VIP ticket because her friend can't go? If you're interested, email us at for more info :)

Do YOU have an extra ticket for the MKOC tour? Email us if you do and we can help out a little :D

Allie's Wait song cover!♥

Check out Allie's (a Chicago fan/one of my really great friends) "Wait" cover!
AA! Thought I would cover a song off of the Asian Tour Edition of The Other Side of Down, and what better song than "Wait" since the music video will be coming out soon! I would love if you could post my video to share it with fans. Feedback, would be great! I absolutely love this song, and I can't WAIT for the music video to come out too, haha! Enjoy!
so beautiful! ♥

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welllll...We're A Little Behind.

Am I the only person who can't stand X Factor?? #justsaying.

Live interviews for different stations today

Request Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by @DavidArchie and @OfficialCharice on 93.9 Lite FM Chicago!

HYAMLC just played on 93.9 Lite FM Chicago!! :)

And YOU can make it happen even more!! :)
Click HERE to go on the page below!

All you need to do is write your name, email, where you're from, and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - David Archuleta & Charice Pempengco" and then you click submit! :)

ORRRRRR... Another way is going onto mediabase!
You find HYAMLC in the Past Favorites

Then you scroll down and fill in info! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Finished with the signing!

Your hand must be tired.. :P

Sign @Shell_eeeyyy's David Archuleta birthday groupcard if you haven't already!

Have you signed it yet? because if you haven't, click HERE to sign it!! :)

An email/newsletter from the official site!

Check your email! maybe you have one too! :)

ATTENTION NEW YORKERS WHO DON'T HAVE TICKETS: There are extra tickets for 12/2 Irving Plaza (NY)!

@missbyrningfire has 2 extra normal tickets for the Irving Plaza in New York, NY!! She's selling them for $30 each! So tweet her HERE for more information on how to get them! :)

ABC4's interview with David Archuleta today!

ORRRRR.... You could watch it on youtube! Thanks JRforDA2011!! :)

Awww... Jonah..haha♥

David Archuleta's Super Fan Suprise - Studio 5

Happy birthday Edith!! haha ♥♥♥

Thanks for the video Hanne58!

1st Signing Today!

Back In Utah!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New vlog - Phil's BBQ

Sorry for all the noise in the background with the yard workers. And sorry if I look a little scary and seem a little loopy. I'm not a morning person haha. But thought I'd make a blog while I had the time. In LA rehearsing for the My Kind of Christmas Tour this week. Had a great time shooting the "Wait" music video in Hong Kong. Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice was last week with Mannheim Steamroller and will air Nov. 27 on NBC. Going back to Utah for Glad Christmas Tidings CD promo. Went to San Diego to visit the Invisible Children Offices and went to Phil's BBQ. Working with Child Fund on the tour.
AHAHAHA... I wonder what he sang to the lady.. David, thank you for making my dark Saturday happy again!!! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Seriously?! ;]

Phil's Barbeque is in San Diego, Cali-for-nia. If anyone was wondering.

D'Arch teams up with ChildFund!

We are pleased to announce that ChildFund International is the sponsor of David Archuleta’s “My Kind of Christmas Tour,” December 2011.
A noted philanthropist, David is especially concerned about helping children in need. Partnering with ChildFund is an exciting new opportunity to reach out to underprivileged children, notes David. “I believe that every child has incredible potential. Through its sponsorship program, ChildFund ensures that children have access to education, clean water and health care. Working together, we can change childhoods. And that’s the first step toward creating a better world.”
The heart of ChildFund International is the one-to-one connection made through child sponsorship. ChildFund will join David on his upcoming tour – at each venue current ChildFund sponsors will be on hand to share their own sponsorship experiences and assist with signing up new sponsors. Patrons signing up for a child sponsorship at one of the shows, paying by credit card, will have an opportunity to receive a ChildFund bracelet and an exclusive gift from David.
ChildFund’s mission:
  • To help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children living in poverty have the capacity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change to their communities.
  • To promote societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and the rights of children.

ChildFund International works in 31 countries, assisting approximately 13.5 million children and their family members, regardless of race, creed or gender. Their distinctive approach focuses on working with children throughout their journey from birth to young adulthood, as well as with families, local organizations and communities globally to create the environments children need to thrive.
Look out for the ChildFund table at your “My Kind of Christmas” show, and help a child in need!
To learn more about ChildFund International sponsorships now, please visit

David on TV November 22!!

SOURCE: Official Site

Fun bits this week!

What better way to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of DALIM 2 than with a special message from the man himself, post-GCT Launch!

Breaking Dawn premiere......LOOK AT THE ARCHIE PROMO!!! ♥♥♥

OH WOW! CHECK IT OUT! ahahha!! #1 baby!

Credit to @PrincessArchie and @NanDeeAy Thanks SBA for the heads up! :)

A Day Off...from rehearsal!

Honestly & truly...this tweet didn't show up on my Twitter dash. -__________-

Things That Make You Go "Hmm"...


OH okay....we get it now. ;] haha

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011


My Kind Of Christmas Tour: DATES ARE FINALIZED.

Official Site:
Update: tour schedule now final.Singing sensation David Archuleta announces his much-anticipated MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour for the winter of 2011:
The tour kicks off in Westbury, NY on December 1, and concludes in Beaver Creek, CO on December 21.
David’s MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour will feature epic orchestral arrangements of both traditional holiday and familiar classics, as well as an assortment of David’s own, melodic pop favorites.  The tour promises to showcase more of David’s unique musicality and vocal prowess that his fans have come to love.
David has also partnered with VIP Nation to offer VIP Packages on his upcoming tour, including meet & greets and exclusive merchandise. All details can be found in the VIP announcement post.
Confirmed dates for the MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour are:
  • Dec 1 Westbury, NY; Theatre at Westbury
  • Dec 2 New York, NY; Irving Plaza
  • Dec 3 Verona, NY; Turning Stone Resort & Casino
  • Dec 4 Stroudsburg, PA; Sherman Theater
  • Dec 8 Boise, ID; Knitting Factory
  • Dec 9 Blackfoot, ID; Blackfoot Performing Arts Center
  • Dec 10 Cedar City, UT; Heritage Center Theater
  • Dec 13 Santa Rosa, CA; Wells Fargo Center For The Arts
  • Dec 14 Los Angeles, CA; Club Nokia
  • Dec 16 Ventura, CA; Majestic Ventura Theater
  • Dec 17 Anaheim, CA; City National Grove of Anaheim
  • Dec 19 Salt Lake City, UT; Abravanel Hall
  • Dec 21 Beaver Creek, CO; Vilar Performing Arts Center
For venue links and ticket information please see our US Tour Page.

Pandora Unforgettable Moments On Ice LIVE TAPING TONIGHT! :)

Remember guys! This airs on TV November 27! (Original Post)

Friday, November 11, 2011


11/11/11 11:11!!!! HAHAHAHHA MAKE A WISHHHH!!! :) Also, Happy Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day in Canada! Take a moment and remember the ones who fought for our country.

*Am I like..the only one who still had to go to school today and had to listen to an hour and a half long assembly? haha*

ANYWAYS.... the Archurelated stuff.... HAPPPPPPPPYYY 3RD ANNIVERSARY DAVID'S DEBUT ALBUM!!! ♥ agh.. can you believe it's been 3 years? I don't! haha

We're suppose to trend #3rdDavidArchuletaAnniversary but people are getting lazy :P Or they weren't at home *smh*

ahhh... ALTNOY...♥

1 extra ticket to the @DavidArchie concert at Irving Plaza in NYC on 12/2.

You guys know Ashley from Something 'Bout Archie's right? haha well she had 2 extra tickets and is selling them for $30 each but she already sold one so ONE extra ticket is left! Want it? Tweet or direct message @Palrice8 on twitter if you're interested!! haha (this is such a great deal! ^_^ haha)

EDIT:  Both of Ashley's tickets are now SOLD OUT! :)

Pandora Unforgettable Moments On Ice!

Have fun, D! :]

TIFF EDIT: Official site posts airdates and ticket info for tomorrow!! 
This Saturday, November 12th, David Archuleta – along with Mannheim Steamroller – will perform live in Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.
A cast including Brian Boitano, Michael Weiss, and Yuka Sato will skate to holiday music. Kristi Yamaguchi and Chip Davis will host the event.
Tickets are still available – grab yours now at!
Live Show Saturday, November 12, 2011
7:00 PM
Grand Canyon University Arena
Phoenix, AZ
Click here to purchase tickets NBC Airdate Sunday, November 27, 2011
4:00 – 6:00 PM EST
Check your local listings!
Ovation Network Rebroadcast Saturday, December 3, 2011
Any of you guys going?! :) Have fun if you are!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Utah = Haircut

I'm just really into equations today...I guess. LOL!


Phone + Interview = PHINTERVIEW.

Good times, D. Good times. ;]


Glitter Graphics

SARAH!!!! ♥♥♥

We bloggers from Absolute Archies wish you an AMAZING birthday and hope your wishes come true! ♥

I hope you have a fabulous birthday Sarah because you deserve it! Thank you so much for letting me be a blogger on Absolute Archies and made us EVEN MORE close as an Archufamily.  :)  - Tiff

Happy Birthday Sarah!! I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you for creating such a wonderful blogging family. Have fun and celebrate!! Love ya lots ♥ - Melissa

I love you Sarah. You're awesome and you work really hard to keep your baby (the site going). I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for you asking me, me?, to be one of your bloggers. ^-^
Plus, now I have a little Archie family now. ^-^ I care about us all so much!
You have to have an awesome birthday now - Katie

Thank LOVELY Sarah at @HeySarah_xo for this amazing site and wish her a happy 25th birthday on twitter!! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uber fast posts!! (recent news)


Because you're weird. but yet awesome. ahahahah love you David..

SINGAPORE CONCERT POSTPONED! :( but hopefully David can make it up?

 MORE INFO:, David's tweet,


Hanging at the Ronald McDonald house
David went to the Fantasticks concert! :D

Aaron replies David!
MPRMarilynAaron Carter with David Archuleta opening night for The Fantasticks
LDSLiving scans (ALL OF EM!!!!) Here's one of em! 

Click the "Read more" below to see the rest! :)