Sunday, October 2, 2011

All Things Archie Official Store!

While that lovely fansite is under construction for a few weeks, they still have a store for you guys!

All Things Archie is so excited to announce that we've just opened a store and we were hoping you could post this on your site and help spread the world! :D

Hey guys! I've been hearing about how a lot of people are waiting for new merchandise for David's store. I think we could all agree that it's been a while since David has made some new merchandise, and we probably own everything from his online store, right? Well it's been 7 months in the making, but All Things Archie has finally opened a fan store!!!

Here's a little about it:

-Everything is David related. This stuff is perfect for just wearing it on a regular day or for adding to your concert outfit! (EEK CHRISTMAS TOUR!!) :D

-If you choose to buy from our store, HALF OF YOUR PORTIONS go to any charity of your choice! (Which is why the items may seem pricey.) And if you don't have a charity you're passionate about, I am personally passionate about this charity called Children's Miracle Network, so the money will go there. I really wanted this store to do as much good as possible and help get fans as passionate and active in charities as possible while getting some neat stuff :)

So if you want to check us out, you can go to !
All our products are in the Clothing album and Necklace and Keychain albumMake sure to read each picture cation carefully. And also read the album caption caption carefully because that's how you send us your order!!


Gosh! i love the parachute and airplane one! ♥

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