Monday, November 28, 2011

Absolute Archies, Something 'Bout Archie, and All Things Archie teaming up for the "My Kind Of Christmas Tour" Live blogging!


Hey all! So usually for tours and shows, Live blogging is time consuming for every blogger that's live blogging.. Well this time around for the MKOC Tour we're doing something a little different. Why don't we just have one site blog for that day and take turns? With all of our busy schedules, we realized that we can't all live blog every show of this tour, so we're teaming up! Absolute Archies has teamed up with Something 'Bout Archie and All Things Archie for live blogging all the shows on the tour. Basically what this means is, all three sites won't be posting live blogs for every show, each site is taking turns! Below is a schedule Allie, Ashley and I made up, which shows which blogger from which site will be live blogging which show of the tour: 

12/1- Westbury, NY- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Sheila) 
12/2- Irving, NY - On All Things Archie (Jessica, Tiffany) 
12/3- Verona, NY- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Tiffany, Melissa) 
12/4 Strousburg, PA- On All Things Archie (Allie) 
12/8- Boise, ID- On All Things Archie (Katrina, Tiffany) 
12/9- Blackfoot, ID- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Melissa) 
12/10- Cedar City, UT- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Katrina, Melissa)
12/13- Santa Rosa-On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina)
12/14- Los Angeles, CA- On Absolute Archies (Sheila, Sarah)
12/16- Ventura, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Ashley) 
12/17- Anaheim, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley) 
12/19- Salt Lake City, UT- On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina, Reagan)
12/21- Beaver Creek, CO- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Melissa, Ashley)

So be sure to report to those sites listed for a live blog of each show! And we'll all be sure to tweet reminders so everyone knows where to go for the live blogs! 

Any of these sites could change but we'll keep you guys posted on which site! :)

And follow our live bloggers!

Ashley: @Palrice8
Jessica: @jessicaxoemily
Katrina: @katrinalexa
Sheila: @fa3ryg1rl
Melissa: @melissad309
Theresa: @TheresaLuvsU

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