Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allllrightyyy lovely fans... Tomorrow's the first concert day! - Live blogging info

If you didn't know, Something 'Bout Archie is teaming up with All Things Archie and Something 'Bout Archie! And we're taking turns live blogging! For more info on the blogging schedule and such, click HERE.
Tomorrow's live blogging is on THIS site with Sheila and Tiff *ME*! :) so head over here tomorrow if you want to see what's up! :) Are you going to tomorrow's show? If you are, tweet us @AbsoluteArchies and we'll add you on their live blogging list :) Also tweet @SBArchie_site if you're going to the Verona, NY show on Saturday!

Live blogging schedule:

12/1- Westbury, NY- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Sheila)  
12/2- Irving, NY - On All Things Archie (Jessica, Tiffany)
12/3- Verona, NY- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Tiffany, Melissa)
12/4 Strousburg, PA- On All Things Archie (Allie)
12/8- Boise, ID- On All Things Archie (Katrina, Tiffany)
12/9- Blackfoot, ID- On Absolute Archies (Tiffany, Melissa)
12/10- Cedar City, UT- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley, Melissa)
12/13- Santa Rosa-On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina, Theresa)
12/14- Los Angeles, CA- On Absolute Archies (Sheila, Sarah) 
12/16- Ventura, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Ashley)
12/17- Anaheim, CA- On Something 'Bout Archie (Ashley)
12/19- Salt Lake City, UT- On All Things Archie (Allie, Katrina, Reagan)
12/21- Beaver Creek, CO- On Something 'Bout Archie (Katrina, Melissa, Ashley)

Are you going a concert? Please tweet whichever site is doing that date and we'll add you to our twitter list :)

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