Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tiff's AdVENTURA!! (recap)

Yes, i just stole Allie's title.. :P (but she allowed me to)

My recap of the David Archuleta Ventura, California show on December 16, 2011.

Alright! So planning this very day took a lot of time, effort, and responsibility for this 14 year old right here. The day before the concert, I flew from Chicago to California with JUST my brother! (i claim to be the one more in charge but he's got the credit card. ahaha) THE FLIGHT GOT DELAYED LIKE A MILLION TIMES so we arrived at around 12AM PST but we were hungry so we went to In-N-Out Burgers♥, had to unpack and everything.
CONCERT DAY: I woke up and got ready... Then the two hour drive to Ventura was alright.
When i saw that sign, i was happy! but we were still like 20 minutes away. haha
We arrived at 2 and went shopping and went to the pier in Ventura! (such a cute and pretty city!)
Perfect shot right?
I went and met Ms. Allie and her mom *also from Chicago* and Kelly from Cali! :D We waited for like an hour and a half until we could check in and get inside.
So we gotttt in... and we waited to get our pictures taken! wahoo!! But while we were waiting, WE RANNNN to the second row to get great seats in the middle :D then RANNN back to take our pictures. teehee I don't know why, but when i saw David, I kept saying "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! DAVID'S RIGHT THEREE..." because you know? I've never really seen David outside my computer screen besides the Demi tour but i had legit bad seats to that.. :P *I went after Kelly and Allie went after me* When it was my turn next, I was ABSOLUTELY not nervous. I was nice and calm! I couldn't believe I totally pulled it off because if you were in my mind, I'd be that happy, energetic bunny hopping everywhere.. :D
My convo with David:
Me: Hey David!
David: hey! Nice to meet you!
Me: do you know me?
David: *looks confused*
Me: Well I'm from Chicago!!
David: oh wow! That's so nice of you!
Me: Yeah. I'm 14!
David: what?? *looks confused*
Me: I'm 14!!David: wait what?
Me: I'M 14 YEARS OLD..
David: ohhh.. You're 14......
Me: yeah! I flew here with my brother!
David: oh! How old is he?
Me: ummm.... 18. Haha
David: oh! Is he here?
Me: no...
David: is he coming to the show tonight?
Me: no.. Hahah
David: where is he?
Me: oh.. Um. Somewhere around here..
David: why isn't he coming?
Me: oh.. Well.. I bought 2 VIPs and my aunt was suppose to come but I brought Allie's mom instead!!
David: oh! Okay!
*takes picture*
Me: can i have a hug please? :)
David: yeah sure!! \_____^-^ *one arm hug haha*
David: well thanks for coming out!! I hope you enjoy the show tonight! :)
Me: haha oh I will!! Thank you! I love you!!
David: hahaha!!
*runs down to Kelly and stares at Allie with David* :PYeahhh he's the picture! picture :)
AHHHH HE'S SO SMILEY! i look worse then usual then but oh well
Read more→ soundcheck, meeting Kate, Brooke White, & Jeff Archuleta.
He did soundcheck! He sang Heaven♥ and Good Place/Let It Be♥♥♥♥

THE CONCERT:Before the concert, we saw KATE!!! (drummer of KSM who opened for David in the Demi tour)

We chatted with Kate about our journey here and all that fun stuff! wahoo! After Jeff LeBlanc's set, we met Brooke! So nice and sweet!
I legit didn't notice her in the crowd! haha
I can't really explain the whole concert to you.. sorry that takes too long. bahahaha but if you read Allie's AdVENTURA.. maybe it'll cover it a little.
During Crush, he stared RIGHT in my eyes and i prolly looked like a fool but i legit froze. Because he totally did that ABSOLUTELY hot look he does when he sings Crush? You know what i'm talking about? AHAHA
After the concert, we met Jeff (Archuleta)!!! AWESOME RIGHT?! haha we were legit excited to see Jeff.
heheh.. we weren't really allowed in there anymore because the peeps who work there told us that only workers/staff were allowed.. -_- but we were there anyway.. :P
Jeff and us!
anddd then i had to leave right away because my aunt was waiting for me in the car! Then Kelly and Allie met the band and David afterwards! :D

I took a lot of videos and pictures. but a lot of the videos are choppy because i took pictures while recording :/ but here's O Holy Night. the audio is AMAZING.. It's taken by the camera David used in the ALTNOY video. (not the EXACT one but the same model :P)

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