Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trending Party tomorrow!!!!

It's a really really really really really really REALLLLLYYYYY special day tomorrow! IT'S MR. DAVID JAMES ARCHULETA'S 21ST BIRTHDAYY!!! :O Yeah okay.

SO WE'LL BE TRENDING #Happy21stDavidArchie on twitter tomorrow!

Be there pleasee!!! Remember how we trended #HappyBdayArchie 2 years ago?

Snapshot credit to me! :D
OH HEYYY.. Our VERY OWN Sarah....made that trend up.. Did you guys know that? :)

PLEASEEEEE.. Let's make this happen again! If we could do it 2 years ago, we could do it tomorrow :D

I gotz my second account ready and i'm ready to trend. :)

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