Monday, December 5, 2011

Melissa's Recap of the Irving Plaza Show :)

Basically I went with Ashley to this show, we took a bus to NYC. Once we got there we basically waited a few hours for them to let us into the venue, we get checked in and everythnig. We got a poster, and 8x10 picture, a lanyard, a draw string backpack and a t-shirt. Me and Ashley wanted to purchase the sweatshirt so we went over and did that. I also bought some pins because one had ths squiggly pig on it and I thought that was amazing.

At one point me and Jenn noticed that there was this paper that had the schedule of the show one it. I DIDNT EVEN READ THAT THING AT THE TIME. I was just like BDSFBEUSYBFk WANT. lol. Jenn showed me it and was like "should we take this?" and I was like "well, there's only two... let's just do it" lol. So we hid them in our bags. No one even noticed.

Then the security people had us lin up single file line. Which wasn't really single file line. Me, Ashley and her mom were like stuck on the stairs lol. But once we started walking upstairs we hopped in line behind Jenn and a few other people.

Then we finally got up there and we see the DAVID ARCHULETA backdrop abjsbhfusbheik which made everything start to become a reality. It was crazy. The had the line wrap around the room. We got to go up to David twice. First time we got something signed, second time we got a pictrue taken.

So, I knew I wanted my poster signed because I LOOOOVEE that picture. So I walk up to David and right when I do he goes over to Kari (i think it was her) and whispers in her ear LOL. And then I put my poster on the table and say "Hi, my names Melissa" BTW IT WAS REALLY REALLY LOUD. And I was't completley sure if David said "Oh, hi Melissa" or 'Oh, hi Alyssa" IDK IF HE HEARD RIGHT. So I retold him my name. Didn't realize I was supposed to say "can you sign this to Melissa" but oh wells haha. Then he tries to start signing my poster and the sharpies like not working, and its a shakable one so he shakes it. YOU CAN SEE ON THE POSTER WHERE HE TRIED TO START SIGNING HAHA. It's kind of funny. So then I wanted to ask him this question, which relates to my friend Milly who was supposed to be there but couldnt for personal reasons, and it was like an inside joke between us. We basically jokingly argue over which is better-- lions or penguins. I say lions. She says penguins. It's silly really but she wanted me to ask him which he preferred since she couldnt come. So I said to him 'So, I have a silly question to ask you... which do you prefer lions or pengiuns?" And he just doesn't repsond. He's doing his own thing signing my poster HAHAHA. And then finally he looks up at me and is like "Wait what....?" With the strangest look on his face. He was SO CONFUSED. So I just asked him again and he goes "Uh.. I guess I like pengiuns" hahaha. fail David you were supposed to say lions. LOL JK. It doesnt matter. Then I handed him my letter and batya's letter and grabbed my poster and thanked him. And then I headed back in line.

Then when it was time for the picture I had so much planned to tell him but I couldnt get any of it out. I walk over to him and stand next to him smile and then just thank him. He thanked me back. That's all hahahaha. I don't know why my brain blanked, but at least I got to go up twice hahaha.

Then after that they told us to go down to the venue and I saw that there was a spot in the second row and it turned out Nikki was right in front of me haha. So we were basically in the second row. It was awesome.

Then once everyone was done taking pictures David came down on the stage. I had a feeling that he was going to do that. But he took awhile to find a mic that was working. He even tap danced for us hahahaha. But then he gets on the piano. I don't remember exactly what he said. But he basically said he wrote this song for his fans, and dedicated it to us. He starts playing the piano and im like OMGGGGG OMGGGGGG. He starts singing GOOD PLACE. HE HAS NEVER SANG THIS SONG LIVE BEFORE THAT DAY. IT WAS HIS FIRST TIME. I'm pretty sure every single one of us died in that moment. I didn't know what to do. This song I feel like has had the biggest impact on me out of any of his other songs. It just has a lot of meaning to me. And he was singing it right there in front of me. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. He messed up a few times but that was cute, I didn't care. I like seeing him mess up, it shows he's human. But omg that was the ONLY song of his that I have cried to while being there in person to hear it. I can't even explain. That exact thing made the entire concert for me. He also mashed it up with let it be as well. Then he got off the stage.

The opener came on and he was good but at that point my feet were hurting. There was this obnxoious girl pushing up against my back so I just wanted David haha.

THEN HE CAME OUT. And I had my camera all ready because I thought it was gonna be MOC. BUT NO. He sings SLIEGH RIDE. OMG. I didn't know what to do. It was just SOOOO AMAZING. AND SOOO GOOD. And man did he perform on that stage so well. HE WAS SO CONFIDENT. It's like he was a new David. It was amazing I loved every second of it.
Every song he sang was suihfyshdeuiolks. He only sang four pop songs. And two of them I'd never heard live before. TOSOD and Wait. His dance during TOSOD was soooo cute haha. That song was so much fun. And then WAIT. OMG. He got sooooo into it. This boy can perform, not just with his voice but with emotoins omggggggg. I'm sooooo glad he sang that. Then he sang ZG which was so fun because it's been awhile since he's sang that. THEN CRUSH. I always say to myself "i wish he'd sing something else instead of crush, just so I can hear something new" LOL. BUT OMG I LIED. Hearing crush that night was like being at home. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I loved the fact that everyone was singing along to it. AND HE POINTED IN MY DIRECTION DURING THE SONG. Not AT me, but still haha. It was awesome.

All the Christmas songs he sang were AHH MAAZINGGGGG. I'm trying to think of what else he sang. He sang the "Chestnuts" song. he sang Ave maria, OHN, the first noel. Which were incredible. He sand PAP and RRC haha. He also brought a bunch of little kids on stage which was soo adorable. He read them all this poem he wrote called My Kind of Christmas. And then sang this song he wrote with a friend called Fa la la la. LOL. It was such a fun song. I loved it. He was dancing during it too and getting soo into the song. This was not a David we usually saw. OHH and he also sang Climb Every Mountain which was FANTASTIC. He hit so many amazing notes during that song. At the end he sang Silent Night, which is my favorite Christmas song. He came back out and his encore was the little drummer boy and the arrangement they made for this song was incredible. I was blown away. And the end of it was the most epic thing ever. David grabs Stevens drum sticks (well they're for his cymbals LOL) and starts pretending to bang on his drums. HE GOT SO INTO IT. It was awesome! OOOH also he sang this song called I Need A Silent Night. Which I've NEVER heard before but it was basically about how people get caught up in buying presents and not focusing on what Christmas is about and I fell in love with the song. It's pretty amazing.

so yeah. that was definitely the best concert I have ever been to. so glad I got to experience it. I don't think David even realizes how much this one little concert did for all of his fans. I'm pretty sure it impacted everyone pretty hard. He also seemed extremely happy up there on that stage which made me happy. It was just amazing.

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